Mass Listeria Podcast: Episode 35 – Top 5 Comics for People Who Don’t Read Comics

In this episode, we attempt to lead someone,who may be new to comics and clueless as to where to start, to the wealth of good comics out there.  We cover […]

Mass Listeria Podcast: Episode 34 – Ghosty Bits–A Conversation with Chattanooga Film Festival Executive Director Chris Dortch

In this episode, we explore the future of the Cinerama theater space in Chattanooga, Chris’s past as a documentary filmmaker and his thoughts on the state of documentary in today’s […]

Mass Listeria Podcast – Episode 32: Top 5 (or 10) Films (That We’ve seen) in 2015

So, Star Wars.  Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, some of us (not naming names, but pointing at myself) have a list of movies that ACTUALLY came […]