Mass Listeria Podcast-Season 2, ep.1-Can’t Hardly Wait

Smashmouth.  Weeks old watermelon filled with vodka.  The importance of yearbook signing.  Pervy cousins.  Dharma.  Bad Beer.  These are just some of the conversation starters from this movie that seems to be lost in time, between the John Hughes 80’s movies and the American Pie 90’s-2000’s.  We hit the movie’s highlights, but more importantly we follow this season’s format by taking a look at the songs that are associated with the film….and there are a LOT.  So, join us for a new season, download this episode, and don’t “waste my flavor…..DAMN!”

!!!!Disclaimer!!!!  We had some technical difficulties, and the last couple minutes of us rambling was cut off.  Needless to say, you probably just missed us waxing about other high school movies, insulting Nathan, and Tim grumbling.


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