2017 Chattanooga Film Fest: an abbreviated overview, or mini-bridge

CFF 2017-10

I won’t go into detail in this post, but Mass Listeria’s “choose your own adventure” included navigating “Dave’s” maze and opening the fest with Dave Made a Made; witnessing the World Premiere of Graham Skipper’s Sequence Break (most of it), because we didn’t want to miss AGFA’s presentation of The Dragon Lives Again; seeing a meth dealer experiencing alcohol withdrawls in a redneck “most dangerous game” in Happy Hunting; immersing ourselves in the world of illustrated poster art in 24×36; watching the amazing Acro-Cats and the accopanying cat documentary Kedi, which can convert any non-believer into a cat lover; completing Joe Bob Briggs course on Tennessee in film; following Zack Carlson and AGFA down the self-titled rabbit hole designed to catch the Zodiac Killer; becoming a part of The Monster Squad; getting lost with Bleeding Skull’s presentation of Jungle Trap; losing our minds and paying our tithes of 3 Jerry’s to Everything is Terrible; and getting lost in The Void. 

We didn’t get to experience all that CFF 2017 had to offer, but we did our damnedest to experience as much as we could.  Here are the best of the best of what we got to be a part of and this was just a sliver that CFF had to offer:

CFF 2017-1


CFF 2017-2


CFF 2017-3


CFF 2017-4


CFF 2017-5


CFF 2017-6


CFF 2017-7


CFF 2017-8


CFF 2017-9


CFF 2017-11


CFF 2017-12


CFF 2017-13


CFF 2017-14


CFF 2017-15


CFF 2017-16


CFF 2017-17


CFF 2017-18


CFF 2017-19


CFF 2017-20


CFF 2017-21


CFF 2017-22


CFF 2017-23


CFF 2017-24


CFF 2017-25


CFF 2017-26


CFF 2017-27


CFF 2017-28


CFF 2017-29


CFF 2017-30


CFF 2017-31

































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